Steel Frames

Mqube Modular

Mqube Living prefabricated houses reflect simplicity and attention to detail. To meet the modern lifestyle Designed with a modular system can move, modify or expand to suit a variety of applications.

Mqube Frame

In the Mqube workshop, we assemble the steel profiles into 2D plates in the very best conditions. Once on site, the conversion to a steel frame hull is done very quickly and easily. With the Fast Frame, the contractor or construction company retains maximum freedom on the site.

Mqube wall

In addition to significant time savings, the Mqube wall also provides a great quality guarantee. On top of the pre-assembled frames, we already provide the necessary structural plating.

Mqube wall+

The Mqube wall + is an absolute must for maximum time savings. Not only the structure and plating are already present. We also already provide the insulation, facade cladding and interior finishing off-site in our workshop. Thanks to its fully enclosed walls, this product is enormously beneficial for project developers, for whom time is extra crucial.


In-House Engineering and Design

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The process of steel frame construction: From 3D design to 2D panels. Construction calculations and engineering, entirely according to International Standers


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Lower transport costs and higher efficiency. The panels are delivered just in time on site.

Off-Site Production and Assembly

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High-precision automated production and assembly in the workshop, under controlled conditions. Including plating. Cradle-to-cradle and with the necessary quality controls.

Assembly on the Site

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Fast and very accurate installation by an experienced contractor or construction company. Possibility of technical support by our Mqube Certified Advisor.